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Who We Are

The GEMASI - Masi Elizalde Study Group - consists of homeopaths friendly to the ideas of Prof. Dr. Alfonso Masi Elizalde. The group has been developing its activities since December 2007 and is open to all of those interested in improving the Healing Art. The group's main objective is to rescue, structure and complete the study of homeopathic medicines, according to the proposed methodology developed by our late master, and applied by his disciples in Brazil, Latin America and Europe, as well as, collect and make available Masi’s texts on the web.

In addition to the methodology study proposed by Masi, for the preparation of Synthesis Sheets of Medicines, are also used the contributions from other schools of thought of the homeopathic community, believing that by doing so, is been building another tool for understanding human disease and ways to its healing. The material produced in the last 30 years by groups and schools who have followed the evolution of Masi’s thinking, is being organized, updated and shared online, through publications, articles, lectures and summarized studies of medications.


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Join Us

Those interested in participating can submit Case Reports to corroborate the Hypothesis of Medicines or Complementary Texts that can contribute to an ever deeper understanding of the teachings of Masi Elizalde.

Those interested in participating in the GEMASI, please contact:
Célia Regina Barollo -